Our 10 Top Tips - Conveyancing

If you are selling

Avoid disputes with your neighbours if you want to sell your property: any dispute has to be disclosed to prospective purchasers. Turn the other cheek and move on. 

Before you put your property on the market:

  • Have a preliminary clear out of the loft, garage and shed: you will be very glad you did so when the time comes to give vacant possession.
  • Ask your estate agent's advice about what redecorating or other minor works you should carry out before you market your property; it would be a shame to spend time and money that will make no difference to the price you receive. 
  • Remember your estate agent is your agent - not the buyer's: he/she owes you a duty to get you the best deal. After all, you pay the commission.   

Decide what fixtures and fittings you are willing to leave behind and negotiate to sell items such as carpets and curtains to the buyer. 

​Make removal arrangements in good time for the moving day. If completion can be arranged for any weekday other than a Friday it may be possible to get a cheaper deal from the removal company. 

Remember to

  • Arrange to have your gas electric and water meters read at completion.
  • Cancel your payments (and all related direct debits and standing orders) for your old mortgage / buildings and contents insurance / Council Tax / Water Rates / utility bills.
  • Arrange for your post to be re-directed.

If you are buying

Do your sums very carefully before you commit to anything. 

Find out what a neighbourhood is really like before you decide to live there, walk around it at night, drive through it at the time you will be going to work and coming home and ask the local shopkeepers what they think of it. 

Work out exactly how you will be able to give us cleared funds to enable us to complete on the completion date. 

Read the meters as soon as you move in.