Selling Property

Gather together your deeds (even if only copies) and as many documents as you can find; for example, planning permissions, building regulation consents, guarantees, notices and correspondence (with neighbours, the Council and other official bodies). Then pass them to us. If in doubt, let us have everything so that we can decide what is relevant.

In the case of a flat sale, please also let us have all notices and correspondence from the landlord or management company such as service charge demands, statements and accounts, AGM minutes etc.

We will then ask you to complete several information forms which we will send to the buyer’s Solicitors. It is important to make full disclosure so as not to risk a future allegation of misrepresentation. If in doubt, seek our advice.

Check if your mortgage lender will make an Early Redemption Charge; these are often payable when a mortgage is being paid off within the initial period when a discounted interest rate has been charged. It is worth checking if the lender will let you ‘port’ the mortgage (by using it in connection with your purchase) and waive the Early Redemption Charge.

A long delay by the buyer in arranging for a surveyor to visit is often a warning sign that the buyer’s arrangements are running into trouble or that he is having second thoughts. Speak to us and your agent so we can investigate.

Decide what fixtures and fittings you are willing to leave behind and negotiate to sell such items as carpets and curtains to the buyer.

Make removal arrangements; the seller is under a duty to provide the buyer with vacant possession. This means that on completion all people living there must move out and the house must be emptied. When the house is empty the seller should deliver all keys to the estate agent from whom the buyer may collect them as soon as the sale has completed.

Remember to:

  • Arrange to have your gas, electric and water meters read at completion
  • Cancel your payments (and all related direct debits and standing orders) for your mortgage/buildings and contents insurance / council tax / water rates / utility bills
  • Arrange any re-direction of your mail.