Divorce & Family Law - Overview

Devereux & Co’s main area of specialisation since 1992 has been divorce and family problems. We have a strong reputation for our work in this field. We aim to offer sound, pragmatic legal advice, with the intention where possible, of reaching a negotiated settlement for our clients. In this specialist area we undertake our work as well as anyone, but with the 'personal touch' and without charging corporate fees.

Over the years we have learned

  • If you are are experiencing a domestic crisis, you may need some simple advice about practical matters. Our 10 Top Tips are just this. 
  • If you may be about to divorce or have a family issue, you may need some simple clearly-written information. We have written The Basics with this in mind. You can go to individual sections and print what you need. 
  • Some people need to know more about the law than others; they wish to become equipped to engage with solicitors in a very well informed and active manner. We hope our Articles and News section will help get you there.
  • Websites and all the resources on them can only take you so far: this is because problems concern people and because every case is different. The point comes when in order to make real progress with a problem you need to talk it through with a solicitor. We offer everyone a Free Initial Interview. This can be in person or on the phone. If you are not yet at that point, Ask us a Question and one of our solicitors will reply by email.
  • Although we are based in Bristol, we have clients from many different parts of the country and overseas.