Alex Davies

Solicitor – 2002
BA University of East Anglia
LLB University of the West of England

I have been with the firm since 2004 and took over management of the firm from Richard Devereux on 1 January 2017.  In addition to running the firm, I practice in the areas of Wills and Probate.

My work mainly involves preparing Wills and obtaining Probate when someone has died. Many of us are uncomfortable when it comes to contemplating our own death and, of course, it can be distressing dealing with someone else’s. I try never to lose sight of this in the way I do my job.

Making a Will is a very personal matter. People often find it difficult to express their wishes clearly. This is where I think an experienced lawyer can help; by listening and by gently exploring the possibilities until it becomes clear what someone really wants to say in their Will.

When someone dies, all sorts of strong emotions are sometimes released in those who are left. Obtaining Probate and administering an Estate efficiently is only part of our role and sometimes we also have to try to manage the expectations and disappointments of those who survive. I think one of the advantages of having a lawyer wind up an Estate can be that they take on an impartial and trusted role.

I was also until recently a tutor on the Law Degree at the Open University.

Outside of work I enjoy walking, swimming, reading and the spending time with my three children.