Richard Devereux


Solicitor – 1980
MA Oxford University
Member of Resolution
Member of Law Society Management Section

I started Devereux & Co in 1992 and handed over the firm to Alex Davies on 1st January 2017.  I am staying on full time as a solicitor with the grand title of Consultant.

When people first come to see me, some just want information to help them reach good decisions and others are ready to turn the corner and to move forward.

My clients look to me for different things; some need a great deal of support, some value an efficient and incisive approach and others want a lawyer who ‘fights their corner’. I believe lawyers should not ‘sit on the fence’; they should ‘say it as they see it’ and, while adopting a conciliatory approach whenever possible, they should be firm and resolute when necessary.

Family law is often vague and open to interpretation. What counts is being able to bring sound judgment to a situation. I have been a family lawyer for nearly 30 years and almost every day my judgment is put to the test.

I am one of those lucky people who can go home and ‘switch off’. My free time is taken up with sport, music and my family.