Wills & Probate

Our 10 Top Tips - Wills & Probate

  1. Our top, top tip is to make a Will NOW! It is easier and cheaper than you think and you will be so glad when you have done it. 
  2. If you are lucky enough to own a ‘Home In The Sun’, make sure that you have a separate Will in that country to cover what happens to your holiday home when you die.
  3. Make a Lasting Power of Attorney NOW – you don’t have to be old to do this! You can choose who can look after your money for you if you are abroad, in hospital for a long time or if you lose your capacity. Make it now and it will last your lifetime. 
  4. If someone close to you dies, focus on the funeral before you start worrying about dealing with the Will – that can usually wait.
  5. Plan your own funeral and take the pressure off your family; they will be so pleased not to have to guess what you would have wanted. Talk about your plans. 
  6. Bereaved families sometimes argue about their deceased loved one’s personal possessions; make things easy for them and decide who gets which memento of you.
  7. Think about giving away mementos and jewellery to your loved ones during your lifetime; you may be delighted to see your grand-daughter wearing your special ring. 
  8. Sort out your attic before you are 80! It saves your relatives having to do it after your death. You never know you might find a discarded Old Master!
  9. Remember you can make tax free gifts of up to £3,000 a year in total to anyone you choose and that there are also concessions on gifts to family members for various special occasions. 
  10. Don’t forget to ‘nominate’ the death in service benefits under your pension in favour of your spouse, partner or children.